The Kimochis® Feelings for Schools

The Kimochis® Feelings for Schools
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Build a positive school climate and feeling at a time! The Kimochis® Feelings are a powerful tool for principals, teachers, school counselors, speech language pathologists, therapists, school psychologists and all school staff members.

Feelings fuel behavior, and all behaviors are communication. This downloadable PDF gives educators the tools to use the Kimochis® Feelings to:
•  Build emotional vocabulary and social-emotional fluency
•  Guide individual children through emotional moments
•  Use a Restorative Practices model to guide two or more children through conflicts
•  Add fun, team-building activites to staff meetings
•  Give students fun, communication-oriented brain breaks
•  Introduce social and emotional learning in a quick and easy way

Use this downloadable* with the Kimochis Mixed Bag of Feelings or individual Mixed Feelings Packs (sold separately).

*Please note: it can take up to 24 hours for your download link to arrive, once you have placed your order.

Video: Getting Started With the Kimochis Feelings


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