Kimochis® Round Up: Role-plays and Newsletter Tips for Groups

Kimochis® Round Up: Role-plays and Newsletter Tips for Groups
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The Kimochis Round Up is a collection of 22 role-plays or "communication commercials" perfect for classrooms, social skills groups, or school-wide assemblies! Share the Kimochis communication tools and common language with your entire school community and you will see significant changes in children's social and emotional growth. The information in this downloadable will help you plan assemblies that directly link with the Kimochis classroom lessons outlined in the Kimochis Elementary Lesson Sequence.

You will have everything you need to get started:

  • Opening Letter to Parents - introduce the Kimochis program to your parents and explain what they can expect and how they can help reinforce the lessons.
  • The Kimochis Keys to Communication - these keys form the foundation for the Kimochis program and will give your students communication tools that will help them succeed academically and socially. As your students learn the keys, parents can prompt them to use the tools at home.
  • Kimochis Glossary - this list of Kimochis terms will provide definitions of the important Kimochis vocabulary. Parents can begin to use this vocabulary at home, reinforcing what their child has learned at school.
  • Kimochis Assemblies - 22 role-plays and all you need to begin your weekly Kimochis activities!
  • Kimochis Corner Newsletter Homelinks - these short articles describing the weekly assemblies can be placed in your weekly school newsletter. Help parents understand the strategies and reinforce the learning at home.

Use with the Kimochis Educator's Tool Kit and become a Kimochis School Community!




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