Kimochis® Parenting Video 1: The Kimochis® Keys to Communication

Kimochis® Parenting Video 1: The Kimochis® Keys to Communication
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In this video workshop, Ellen Pritchard Dodge shares how the Kimochis® Keys to Communication can create happy, healthy, confident kids while bringing more calm, fun, and connection to your family and life. These communication tools also help parents feel calmer and happier as they practice managing the stresses of parenting and life in ways that leave no regret. This video teaches you how to practice and share the seven Kimochis® Keys to Communication with your entire family.

Imagine parenting with no yelling, repeating, begging, nagging or tricking your children into positive behavior. Imagine having your child behave in ways that make you feel proud and good about the way they handle their frustration, anger, and other emotions that come with each day. Children who master these simple, yet effective, Kimochis® communication tools have healthier and happier friendships, confidence, resiliency, grit, and academic success!

Video #1: The Kimochis® Keys to Communication (CLICK HERE FOR PREVIEW)

Learn how small shifts in your communication habits can make BIG changes in your child’s behavior and well-being. You will also experience the additional benefits of having these effective communication tools for the work place and all of your relationships.

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