Kimochis® Mixed Feelings Pack 2

Kimochis® Mixed Feelings Pack 2
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Mixed Feelings Pack 2 contains six feelings to add to your emotional vocabulary. Feelings included: Kind, Hurt, Sorry, Uncomfortable, Friendly, and one Make-Your-Own Blank feeling.

Kimochis® are small pillows with a feeling (happy, sad, silly, brave…) printed on one side and a corresponding facial expression on the other. Have fun learning how to identify and express feelings, work through conflicts, and build the foundations for social and emotional intelligence. Play Feeling Charades or use Kimochis® at dinnertime to spark conversations! Stay connected to the ones you love by sharing feelings with your friends and family. Getting emotionally attached has never been this fun!

1. 6 - 2.5” feelings are included in each pack.
2. Includes: Kind, Hurt, Sorry, Uncomfortable, Friendly, and one Make-Your-Own feeling!
3. Three additional Mixed Feelings Packs are available.

“More than an adorable stuffed animal, Kimochis® help to teach children about their feelings and how to manage them.”
Mothering Magazine


For ages 3 and up

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