Kimochis® Feeling Poster SPANISH (18x24 inches)

Kimochis® Feeling Poster SPANISH (18x24 inches)
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The Kimochis Feelings Poster IN SPANISH!

Perfect for home or classroom, this 18x24 inch full color poster is a fun way to build a child's emotional vocabulary. Feelings included:

Feliz (Happy) • Triste (Sad) • Enojado (Mad) • Valiente (Brave) • Avergonzado (Embarrassed) • Amigable (Friendly) • Arrepentido (Sorry) • Desilusionado (Disappointed) • Frustrado (Frustrated) • Chistoso (Silly) • Esperanzado (Hopeful) • Olvidado (Left Out) • Emocionado (Excited) • Celoso (Jealous) • Intrigado (Curious) • De Mal Humor (Cranky) • Sensible (Sensitive) • Orgulloso (Proud) • Inseguro (Insecure) • Agradecido (Grateful) • Amado (Loved) • Culpable (Guilty) • Incomodo (Uncomfortable) • Timido (Shy) • Lastimado (Hurt) • Sorprendido (Surprised) • Asustado (Scared) • Amable (Kind)

Identify and express how you are feeling!
Poster can even be laminated and used with dry erase markers.

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