Kimochis® Curriculum Only: Elementary Edition

Kimochis® Curriculum Only: Elementary Edition
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The Kimochis® Educators Curriculum: Elementary Edition (Grades 1-5) is the 296-page Feel Guide designed to introduce social-emotional learning (SEL) to children. This program will help you create an optimistic, caring environment where children feel connected, included and valued—a place where significant learning can occur and everyone can communicate with respect and kindness. 

With fun activities to practice tone of voice, body language, and appropriate words, the Feel Guide will help children learn techniques for handling life's challenging moments with character. When children can effectively communicate feelings, they build confidence, self-esteem, strong relationships and the foundations for academic success and social and emotional intelligence. 

Click here to read excerpts from the curriculum. 

Note: This item is the curriculum/guide only and does not ship with characters and feelings, so it is best suited for educators who already have the Kimochis® Characters and Feeling pillows. If you’re looking for the full Tool Kit, just click here!

For ages 6 and up.

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