FOR SPECIAL NEEDS: Kimochis® Teach Us It's Okay to Make Mistakes

FOR SPECIAL NEEDS: Kimochis® Teach Us It's Okay to Make Mistakes
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Downloadable Handout for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder—High Functioning
Behavior challenge—perfectionism and frustration with mistakes

The unique Kimochis® characters and feelings provide parents a playful way to help their child with autism spectrum or other social-cognitive disorders learn how to recognize and manage emotions, use self-regulation skills, and develop positive relationships. The downloadable Character Handouts are focused on a typical behavioral challenge that parents often face with their child. The activities and suggestions in the Character Handouts are appropriate for children who have average language skills and cognitive functioning.

Children with autism spectrum disorder can become very frustrated when they make a mistake or when something they are working on does not come out perfectly. In this seven page handout, parents and caregivers get concrete tools, activities and scripts for using the Kimochis® character Cat, the picture book Cat's Not-So-Perfect Sandcastle, and Mixed Feeling Pack #2 (all sold separately) to help their child manage frustration and perfectionism.

• How to introduce your child to the Kimochis® character Cat
• Role-play activities, scripts, and playful games
• Ways to prompt and reinforce your child's efforts
• Tips and Sample of Kimochis® Social Narrative
• Open-ended questions to use with the story book Cat's Not-So-Perfect Sandcastle

To be used with (sold separately):
• Kimochis® Cat (13 inch character)
• Picturebook Cat's Not-So-Perfect Sandcastle
• Mixed Feeling Pack #2

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