Cloud's Best Worst Day Ever

Cloud's Best Worst Day Ever
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Cloud was having the BEST day ever, until everything started to go wrong. When Cloud bursts and rains on everyone's parade, his nurturing friend Lovey Dove reminds him that it's okay to be mad, but it's not okay to be mean. With the support of his friends, Cloud apologizes and ends up joining in the fun. With endearing characters and beautifully detailed illustrations, Cloud's Best Worst Day Ever is a gentle story that can help children learn how to handle upset feelings and cloudy moods. Includes a note to caregivers from communication expert Ellen Pritchard Dodge, M. Ed CCC-SLP.

"Kimochis® are really charming. I love their gentle, silly, trippy, lovely world." —William Joyce

"Cloud's Best Worst Day Ever is a charming book and a perfect vehicle for helping young children (and adults!) understand the message that it's 'okay to be mad, but it's not okay to be mean.' I love this book; I love the illustrations, and I recommend it for both kids and their parents!" —Donna Mitroff, PhD., educator and children's media professional.

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