Kimochis® Mini Bella Rose and Positive Feelings Bundle

Kimochis® Mini Bella Rose and Positive Feelings Bundle
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  • Item #: 2110 Mini Bella & Pos Tub Bundle

Kimochis is proud to offer a mini bundle featuring our “international woman” Mini Bella Rose and a Tub of Mini Positive Feelings, symbolizing the progress we would like to see in our world. 

With this deal, you're basically buying the Tub of Mini Positive Feelings and getting mini Bella Rose for a penny!

Kids will love spreading their Positive Feelings with their friends and loved ones! The Kimochis® Tub of Mini Positive Feelings includes 36 total pieces (12 feelings, 3 of each): Happy, Silly, Brave, Curious, Proud, Grateful, Kind, Excited, Loved, Friendly, Optimistic, Hopeful. Each feeling is approximately 2" x 2". 

BELLA ROSE, like many famous women throughout history, is very sweet and conscientious of others. Bella Rose’s sensitive side and ability to empathize, always has a way of bringing emotional balance to the group. Her favorite number is 8 and her favorite color is green. She loves the smell of Clover and the taste of morning dew. For Bella Rose, being sensitive can be a blessing, but it can also be a challenge. When Bella Rose’s feelings get hurt she has a hard time expressing herself. Bella Rose can be known to close herself off when she feels bad. 

Bella Rose helps kids learn how to:

  • Be compassionate and empathetic
  • Share true feelings
  • Avoid “masking” feelings with hurtful actions

Kids will love collecting and expressing themselves with adorable Mini Kimochis® characters! Don't be afraid of emotional attachments—hook the keychain onto your backpack and let your friends know how you’re feeling inside.


  1. 6" plush character
  2. Includes a 2” Sensitive feeling with carabineer keychain
  3. Includes Kimochis® comic book – Bella Rose Closes Up

For ages 3 and up.

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Price $60.00

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