Kimochis® Clover (OUT OF STOCK)

Kimochis® Clover (OUT OF STOCK)
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Even though Clover is currently out of stock, you can still purchase Clover on our SALE page! This item is same Large Character - just in older, discontinued packaging.

CLOVER might sleep late, miss the bus, or forget your birthday but he always has the best intentions. Forgetful, a bit careless, but always kind, Clover is a four-leafed friend that doesn’t always have the best of luck. Clover’s favorite number is 7, and his favorite color is yellow, Clover is very funny. Sometimes he uses his sense of humor to make the others laugh, but sometimes he uses it to mask what he is really feeling inside. Clover always finds a way to pick himself up again by reminding himself that when the going gets unlucky, the unlucky keep going!

Clover helps kids learn how to:

  • “Bounce back” with resiliency
  • Create hopeful, optimistic thoughts

1. 13” plush character
2. The 3 feelings (Happy, Optimistic, Disappointed) can be stored in the pocket in Clover's back
3. The included 64 page Feel Guide comes with fun and easy activities

“More than an adorable stuffed animal, Kimochis® help to teach children about their feelings and how to manage them.”
Mothering Magazine

For ages 3 and up


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